We’ve all heard the saying if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s the case with gutter guards. We know because we used to sell them! We also know that a clog-free system using these “never-clean-your-gutters-again” designs is pure fantasy that quickly becomes a nightmare the moment the homeowner trusts them to the point that they never check or clean them.

Do gutter gaurds work?At Gorilla Gutters, we’ve experimented with dozens of products that were sent to us, claiming to permanently keep all debris out of gutters. We have sampled covers, screens, sponges and brushes, and all of them have failed miserably. And guess what? By the time you notice that these makeshift options have failed, it may be too late! Your home and foundation may already be damaged—and the news gets worse! To fix the problem at this point will most likely require a roofing contractor to replace damaged sections of your roof.

Now, after paying the roofer’s bill, this scenario may also call for the purchasing of all new gutters! And to think all of this could have been avoided by cleaning and maintaining a regular gutter system on a regular basis!

Don’t fall for gimmicks and false promises! Instead, save your money by simply having Gorilla Gutters clean and flush your system on a regular basis. Contact us here or Call us at 510-524-1111 to find out more!

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