dirty gutters in the east bayFor starters, water can change its form and enter your home in a very stealthy fashion—through even the tiniest of cracks. Water finds its way into every opening in its path and almost always causes damage in one form or another. But there is a solution—and that’s where Gorilla Gutters comes in! Simply put, the easiest, least-expensive way to avoid this problem is to regularly clean, flush and inspect your gutters! 

Gutters and downspouts were designed to collect water and channel it away from your home and its foundation. Gorilla Gutters has all the tools and experience to effectively clean, flush and fully inspected your home’s gutter system—checking for proper pitch, corrosion, broken fasteners and separation between connections—the critical areas where gutters meet other gutters and where gutters meet the fascia board.

Think about it. Your gutters take abuse 365 days a year 24 hours a day! How much more can they take before major damage takes place—damage that can result in thousands of dollars in unwanted structural repairs to your home? Amazingly, this is all damage that can be avoided with just a simple phone call to Gorilla Gutters! Give us a call today and we’ll make sure that your home’s gutter system is functioning properly. It’s a phone call both you and your home will be glad you made! 



clean guttersGutter cleaning is one of the most dreaded and dangerous home maintenance chores. It is also one of the most important—something you don’t want to “monkey around” with! That’s why Gorilla Gutters offers a maintenance service program to ensure that your gutters stay clean, healthy and free of all debris.

Without a free-flowing gutter system, your home becomes a prime target of the elements—things that lead to wood rot, warping, mold, damaged electrical equipment and even serious foundation issues. At Gorilla Gutters, we help you stop these problems before it’s too late, which is why we recommend cleaning your gutters two to four times a year, depending on where you live. To learn more about this vital home service and how many times a year you should have your gutters cleaned, call us today! We’d be glad to come out and assess your situation. Customers who sign on for our maintenance plans also receive substantial savings. Contact us here or Call 510-524-1111 to find out more