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Gutter Cleaning

Our trained technicians start the cleaning process by removing all leaves and other types of debris by hand. When necessary, we use a high angle rope and harness technique to safely clean all the debris off of your roof and out of your gutters. Next, we flush all of your downspouts. If the downspouts won’t clear out with water, our crews have the expertise to take most systems apart, remove the obstruction and put everything back together. Finally, our technicians water test your entire gutter system. During this time, a full assessment is made and a detailed report of any problems is given to you.


From a leaky joint to a loose gutter to a disconnected downspout. Gorilla Gutters,Inc has you covered!


No longer is it necessary to attach 10-foot sections that will eventually leak and separate. Our seamless gutter machines come right to your home. Our experienced technicians will measure your house and form rain gutters to exactly the right lengths needed. Whatever it is, 40 feet or 60 feet, we will make it!
Our seamless gutters are made out of 0.32-inch thick quality aluminum gutter coil, producing the strongest gutters in the industry. We use triple-painted material for a long-lasting professional appearance. Our material is also double-treated on the inside to prevent corrosion.

Our customers can choose from over thirty colors so you can be assured that no matter what color your home is we have the right color for you! 510-524-1111 for more info.


Gorilla Gutters offers full-service gutter tune-ups. We clean all gutter debris by hand. Second, we water test the entire system checking for proper flow, leaky joints and clogged downspouts. Lastly, we re-seal all your joints and seams, helping assure you there are no possible leaks now and in the future. Contact us here or Call 510-524-1111 to find out more

Piedmont – Oakland – Berkeley – Montclair